Frequently asked questions

To verify your account, you need to have a Symbol address. You can get it by downloading any official Symbol wallet here.

Once you have your address you will only need to send a transaction to the address established with the generated message. Any transaction that does not contain the message will be ignored. Verification time can be up to 1 minute.
The credits are used to carry out actions inside the platform. The platform prepares aggregated transactions for users. These transactions require a minimum of 10 XYM to be released to the network, so we need 10 XYM = 10 credits to carry out the transaction.

You cannot withdraw the credits deposited.
The user / password serves to identify a user within the platform and is linked to their Symbol account. You can create as many users as you want with the same Symbol account. If you lose your account, you can create a new one and link your Symbol account to restore your NFT collection.
The aggregated transactions have a duration in the network of 48 hours to be accepted or discarded. This is the time you have to sign the transactions and complete the NFT creation and offer publication.
The platform is specially prepared to view your NFTs. They appear in the "collection" section on your profile. You can also see them as mosaics in the Symbol wallet with their attached metadata.